Hey, It’s Friday and You should really start thinking of getting out of there and #GOAWOL. As a nice piece of inspiration we give You LOST ON PURPOSE, a blog by AWOL fan Rick Bell who’s currently on a 3 week ride from London to Barcelona, over the Pyrennes.

This is the weapon of choice for my 3 week ride from London to Barecelona, over the Pyrennes: The fully loaded Specialized AWOL Deluxe. I’ve been following the development of this bike for a while now. Erik and Recep from Specialized first debuted the bike when they rode the Transcontinental Race from London to Istanbul last year. No bike video has ever got me so stoked to load a bike up, cycle off and see what I can find. And I’m pretty sure that whatever I do find, with metal guards, tubus racks, plenty of mounting points and 42C tyres the AWOL should be able to handle it. Follow the bike, the makers and the RADventures that other AWOL users are getting up to by checking out their blog.

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This is GOING AWOL in its most pristine context. Absent Without Official Leave, Adventure Without Limits, call it what you’d like. This is it. Biblical rains, Italian family vibes and a good portion of (r)adventure along the Italian north eastern coastline. Staffan Weigel and Xiqui Mateau did 1400 km. 23000 height meters over 13 peaks in 14 days on their AWOL’s. Epicness. Check out some fun videos here: 1 2 3  and their comment on video1 says it all:

"you guys did a hell of a job with the #awol. So stable, so versatile, so willing. We did over 70 km/h on downhill switchbacks, crappy Italian style, with 13 kg of gear, leaning the bikes until our bags was licking the asphalt and the bike didn’t twitch for a second. Still smiling…"

Thanks for sharing!

Since it’s Transcontinental Race times we’ll post some AWOL Transcontinental Edition bikes. The bike is an homage to the race and based on the specifications Team AWOL rode on the 2013 edition. This AWOL is ridden by Bountifulbicycle and has been modified with fancy Shimano XTR for some gnarly elevation gain type touring. We love seeing Your modifications. Keep on tagging pictures on Instagram. #goawol #wearegoingawol

Transcontinentalrace 2014

We had no idea how much fun and excitement following racers on the screen could be. Especially if it’s a race you’ve attended before. The first two days of staring at the screen was just fun; who is first, who rests where, what different routes are being taken, how do all the routes come together in Paris.. No need to mention that office times lost their priority of being working times.

It was the moment of seeing #1 Kristof “KILLER” Allegaert riding through Zurich when fun started turning into pure excitement. And yeah; others were following the route, too! R lost it there and felt the immediate need of being part of this, again. See racers, cheer, talk to them, invite them to something – a drink, food, shower, massage, what the hell ever they need.

Chasing the riders, though, turned to be more difficult than expected. R missed #50 Matthais Müller because of his track not been updated fast enough on the screen. #42 Andrew Allday took a rest not far away – but unfortunately unexpected. He was gone when R arrived. The hunt after #6 Rickie Cotter on Tuesday ended in a surprise; she escaped through the north route around Lake Zurich while R was waiting for her in the southern area. #71 Vasiliki Voutzali was the next target, but somehow jumped over R; at least that’s what the track on the screen had to say about it. R can not deny a certain desperation which turned to disappointment when he got back home, ate dinner, still staring at the screen. The field was getting thinner, and apparently karma was thinking that none needed either a drink or a Swiss chocolate bear. Then, R realized that #5 Matthijs Ligt had been standing at the same spot for quite a while. One last chance, one last hunt, shot - bulls eye!

Mathais was just eating his Spaghetti Bolognaise at an Italian restaurant which he had spotted 2 months ago when he was in Zurich for his training. He recognized R, and yeah, he was still smiling! Good bike, good  equipment, good food, good talk, good vibes – right spirit! R believes that this smile will make him achieve his personal goal: arriving in time.. Thank you Mathais for letting us be part of TCR 2014!

Isn’t it Aug 29th soon?
The date we reveal a rad secret, can’t wait.

It’s been such a blast following Min on her 14.000k (r)adventure from Germany to Taiwan on the ancient Silk Road route (It’s not over yet) Every time we look at your blog we die a tiny bit inside, wishing it was us out there on the AWOL’s. We´re so happy for you Min and you sure do inspire a lot of people, Team AWOL included. We know it’s not easy but riding that distance, climbing 4000 meter peaks, the rain and random joints you sleep in, you make it look like it is. Check out more pictures on Min’s blog.

This August 29 announcement that's going to have AWOListas giddy, will it be about an event, or maybe an accessory? I'm about to add an AWOL to my stable, and since it seems to be '15 bikes that are available (as carryovers?), I'm hoping that if I buy one before 8/29, there won't be some earth-shattering change to them that will be announced. — Asked by eagleeye47


We promise to not mess the AWOL line up earthquake style. We’ll make some small but good improvements and sprinkle a pinch of awesomeness on top of it. You’ll be safe!


We want Your feedback. Why are mostly dudes buying and showing off their AWOL’s. Is it the geometry, the top tube, the colors or Team AWOL’s approach as dudes ourselves. We know we have some avid grrrl AWOL’ers out there but we want more! email us on goawol@specialized.com
What are the best fenders to get for the awol aftermarket? Looks like specialized offers a general globe fender set. Any chance of finding the ones outfitted on the elite awol? You guys are rad! — Asked by beeduhb


We currently don’t offer an AWOL specific aftermarket fender set but the Globe fenders are great and check out Viktor Armbruster’s AWOL HERE. As long as the fenders are metal and offer full coverage, we’ll recommend them all. Every time You put plastic fenders on a steel bike, a baby Panda suffocates and dies. Pls. don’t kill Pandas!


This is exactly what You all need on a regular boring Thursday. Good touring vibes and beers are crucial ingredients in our lives. Luke Clark is Awolin’ across the US of A from New York to Seattle for the excellent cause of a good (r)adventure and good brews.

"Between July 29th and October 28th 2014, I’ll be cycling solo across the US of A, New York to Seattle. En-route I’ll be stopping at as many breweries, inns, taverns and brew-pubs as possible, tasting the finest beer America has to offer"

We’re stoked to follow Luke on his journey. Check out his BLOG and make sure to follow Luke’s Instagram on @lukeclark247 Warning: Your life will seem so much more boring.

Looking good there. #goawol Luke!

Our AWOL friend Martin from e r t z u i film just sent us an update on how to combine being rad in general and going AWOL with a 10 month old daughter. Martin rides a L AWOL Transcontinental Edition.

"As you guys know, I have a shift in priorities at the moment but before the AWOL hits the road/trail for its maiden long solo tour, I found a perfect niche for it which suits my living circumstances the most at the moment: It’s the family workhorse. I can pull my daughter where ever she (we) want to go using our Chariot trailer with the Thule Alfine adapter. Given the fact that I can simply attach any kind of bag (or wooden box thanks to the Globe Porteur) it helps to take the day as it comes and run errands along the way. The bike handles amazingly well despite its initial weight (which I don’t care about because some day I’ll have my fuck you power back) Coming from „regular“ riding geometries it took me a few rides to get used to riding in the bike instead of on it. I also had to play a little with the stem lengths (I am 191cm) but with the 100mm stem it works out just perfect. The tires ride extremely well, both on road and semi-loose ground. Especially when loaded.. so damn comfy! Last weekend, we went out camping for the first time. W h a t a b l a s t ! 60k on a loaded bike pulling a packed trailer with a 10month old child in it felt like doing a 150k road ride… Etta loved it all the way.."

We love feedback like this. it enables us to keep on doing what we do and constantly improve the product and Your experience. Keep it coming and Martin, keep on being R.A.D!

Robert Brown is #goingawol on Iceland and posting some amazing pictures on his Instagram. Highly contagaous and adictive. This sound so sweet: Had to cross close to twenty rivers and streams in the highlands. Some bikeable, some not” Iceland has always been a dream destination to cross on a bicycle and it seem like the AWOL is a good trusty friend to take a long. Thanks for tagging Your pictures Robert! Follow robert_brown_ on his epic journey.

There are many ways to #goawol. Spencer Brown writes on Instagram: This thing is so fun! I shredded my Dad’s AWOL on some fire roads today” Father and Son, going major quad AWOL in Montana, how sweet is that. Thanks for sharing your (r)adventure Spencer!

Team AWOL, Hi guys, I am seeing a bunch of AWOL bikes in this blog with three bottle cages. Does the AWOL come ready with three WB mounts or are the owners adding mounts? If they are adding WB bosses to the bottom of the down tube how do they accomplish that? I am really excited to get an AWOL and get on the road now that I am retired from the Air Force. Alaska Jeff — Asked by akjeff


Three is the magic number, three water bottle mounts it is, always on all AWOL’s!


Hi! I absolutely love what you guys have done with the AWOL and this site about it is fantastic. I was wondering what your thoughts on the new 2015 Divergent bike were? Do you feel it could be as competent of a touring bike as the AWOL? I'm interested in both, having a hard time deciding! PS I loved the Transcontinental edition, I hope something along those lines come back soon. Best, James — Asked by jamest34


Thanks, appreciate Your stoke!

The new Diverge is like AWOL’s faster and lighter sibling and has a different character than AWOL. Diverge has a endurance racing geometry and built more with speed in mind than utility, though, it still has some of that. The Diverge can ride most roads and is a more “sporty” experience in general, not meant to be a pure touring bike. You wanna do a weekender or some ultra light and fast touring, sure, but if You’re looking at hauling some serious distances with weight and a slower pace, the AWOL is your bike. With the more relaxed geometry (e.g longer wheelbase, more upright position) and bigger tire clearance, the AWOL is better suited for off-road riding. It’s also a material matter. A Diverge in carbon fiber or aluminum or the AWOL in steel. The Diverge is a competent light speed touring machine, the AWOL is more about the journey than the finish line. Diverge’s will see stores this autumn, go ride both and find out yourself