Our bud Eric Ladouceur going AWOL along the U.S west coast, ran into some excitement this weekend. He writes:

" The idea of a flat during a tour isn’t really that scary.  I have all of the tools and know how to repair a pretty complex malfunction at least enough to get to the next town or bike shop. However, fatigue, hunger and weather can make a simple flat tire become a catastrophic event. As I approached Deception Pass, the sign said 1/4 mile. I descended downhill my speed approaching 25-30mph my shoulder was wide but the traffic was steady it was raining hard and it was dark my light was on but I had no chance of missing the 3ft section of C Channel in the road. I braced for impact and leaned back in an attempt to pop the front wheel. Instantly the front tire blew and the rear suffered the same fate I came to a stop and walked the remaining 100 yards into the campsite”

Be safe out there!

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