Team AWOL on the Transcontinental Race is Recep Yesil of Turkey and Erik Nohlin of Sweden. Both are a part of the developing team of the AWOL


R is like a cargo ship, not the fastest but very stable and reliable. Just like the cargo ship, R will arrive on his destination as planned. Background of R is 8 years / 7 winters as a bike messenger in Germany and a lifelong passion for the ride. R knows exactly what long hours and hard riding means, it’s in his DNA. He has been dreaming of a ride “home” to Istanbul for almost 20 years. To him, this is a dream that comes true. Besides that, drinking Turkish tee and listening to psychedelic Turkish rock is on the agenda before and after his 30 k bicycle commute to Specialized where he develops bicycles.


E is a motor yacht with enough power to go full speed ahead while looking as if he is up chilling on the sundeck. Background of E is a multiple Super Randonneur (unsupported rides of 200, 300, 400, 600, 1000 km) 75 hour finisher of the 1230 kilometer Paris-Brest-Paris in 2011. A six month unsupported ride across the US in 2012 and several 1000 km Audax rides. Besides that, drinking hairy Imperial Stouts and listening to black metal is on the agenda before and after his 30 k bicycle commute to Specialized where he designs bicycles. Follow E on Instagram @hellhommus and Tumblr


Have a blast while making it to Istanbul within 14 days is off course the ultimate goal and don’t be surprised if its faster. Though, beers and beaches might slow us down considerably.


Don’t worry; there will be a great story to tell anyway. An epic failure is as good of a story. We are doing this ALL IN and as long as we do our best, any outcome is acceptable, 3200 k / 2000 m is too long not to be humble about it.


R fears E will not find good enough vegetarian food and live on french fries all the way to Istanbul. E fears R will get harassed by stray dogs in Bulgaria. R is too much of a nice guy to get in trouble.